About us

About us

Manufacturers of locks for aluminium doors since 1954

We make security locks for aluminium doors and we are deeply proud of the exclusively Italian quality of our products.

We started producing locks 65 years ago in Lumezzane and we never stopped doing it with passion and constant commitment, rewarded by our customers that choose the quality of our products installing them on the profiles all over the world.

We have always been a family company, founded by Mr. Lorenzo Camplani in 1954, that passed to his children and grandchildren his experience and deep know-how united to a tipically Italian creativity and inventiveness.

We've constantly grown over the years, staying close to our Brescian roots and always looking at the future with unchanged will to create excellent products.

A close liason between tradition and innovation, between experience and creativity: this has always been the heart of Omec production. The constant check during the whole production cycle and experience of production staff, that guarantee the exclusive quality of products, combine perfectly with the newest and most refined automatic equipments.