We care about the environmental impact of our product in every phase of their life

From sourcing raw materials to choosing our packaging, every process is carefully examined and optimized to save energy and materials in facilities with near-zero environmental impact.

We select top quality RAW MATERIALS in order to reach the highest productivity level and have no waste. 

We choose LONG LASTING MATERIALS  that can be recycle at the end of the life cycle of our products. 

We carefully choose our raw materials’ SUPPLIERS, preferring LOCAL and CERTIFIED partners. 

In our factory we use GREEN ENERGY produced by photovoltaic panels

Our production machines are fed only by VEGETABLE BIO-DEGRADABLE OILS 100% recyclable and thus environmentally friendly.

WASTE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is very thorough in order to reach the lowest environmental impact.

In our factory and offices we’ve installed highly efficient LED lamps that adapt their output and energy consumption based on the amount of light actually needed. This results in an energy saving of up to 70%.

We are committed in REDUCING the PRINTING ON PAPER, choosing digital supports for most our technical and informative documentation.

In our implants we only use high-tech and HIGH ENERGY EFFICIENCY  production machines.

Reducing waste also means creating LONG-LASTING PRODUCTS : we design and test all our items to be durable and reliable in time, with the highest resistance to corrosion and use.

We reduce the presence of HEAVY METALS in our products, like Nickel and Chromium, Our locks only have stainless steel instead of nickel-plated components, our new cylinders are made of aluminium and stainless steel.  

We limit and if possible avoid the use of plastic in our PACKAGING: we use mostly recyclable and re-usable cartons.