For every hands and every needs.

A private house, a workplace, a hotel room, a shop, but also large environments where you can study, play, heal, eat: for each of these spaces we produce a specific range of locks and security accessories. Their role is to welcome, protect, make safe and free the life that takes place inside. We design, manufacture and deliver them into your hands so that they can be used over and over again.

In the sign of experience.

In Italian hands since 1954 .

We are manufacturers of locks, cylinders and security accessories for aluminium doors. Our daily commitment is to find new solutions to create top quality products and we’ve never stopped doing it with passion and constant commitment.
The most advanced technologies work alongside our specialized technicians who, as watchmakers, still test the sophisticated gears by hand. We continue to be a family business, proudly linked to the country where we were born, with a passion for a job well done. We choose to keep the production local because we want to be totally sure that every single item labelled Omec respects the quality standard that we guarantee to our customers.

The original factory.

We have always produced everything in Italy, in Lumezzane, in the heart of Val Trompia, where the company was founded in 1954. 

A handful of key values.

Our factory hosts every single step of the production cycle of all our items, allowing us to have the total control of each and every phase of the creation of our products.

We dedicate all the time it takes to create each single product with the precision of watchmakers and the dynamism of an advanced company.

Finely crafted, well-finished on the slightest details and designed to meet the most varied needs of the locksmiths and final users. 

Without intermediaries: from general information to after-sales, we respond directly to any requests from technicians and locksmiths.

Unstoppable, to keep improving our product, in line with certifications, sustainability and new processing of raw materials.

Like a clock.

What makes each Omec product unique is the perfect mix of technology and manual experience. The craftsmanship, a guarantee of the exclusive quality of the products, is accompanied by the use of the latest generation machines, extremely automated and technologically advanced.

We invite you.

Among the sophisticated technologies and the tables of our specialized technicians to see how precisely, mechanically and manually, we create the construction details of our products.
With us, time is marked by the positive energy we put into work.
What about security? Always in first place because we want to protect not only those who use our products, but also those who dedicate themselves to designing and building them every day.

Energy 4.0

Proud of the italian quality.

Made in Italy excellence.

We want each of our products to stand out for their excellent and reliable performance over time, which is why we only use selected materials, resistant to corrosion and with high durability characteristics. We do not accept compromises, our customers know that they can count on a product entirely made in Italy.

Technology and craftmanship

starting from the idea.

from the idea to the finished product, thanks to our typically Italian ability and inventiveness.

security solutions designed
for every need of window fabricators
and users.

in machinery, technology, cutting-edge production systems to create excellent products.

raw materials of the highest quality that allow us to produce in an intelligent and sustainable way.

accompanying the most sophisticated automated technologies with irreplaceable mechanical experience in the art of craftsmanship.

100% of Omec production is tested both manually and mechanically following extremely severe standards to ensure top performance and aesthetic quality. 

we design, test and certify according to the most severe European Standars in our testing lab. 

orders, production, packaging and logistic: all our processes are connected, automatized and paperless.

innovative mechanical and electronic solutions to reach the top security and durability. 


Mold factory.

All our items are conceived, designed, produced and tested within the Lumezzane company, where we also make molds and equipment. It is not enough for us to make excellent products, we want to produce them in an excellent way.

Security and control, our trademark.

A hand to the Planet too.

Respect as the engine of sustainability

Our goal is sustainable and environmentally friendly economic growth. To achieve it we started from our fundamental values: safety and respect for people. We are daily committed to guaranteeing a healthy, clean and comfortable working environment for those who work every day to create products that will safeguard the safety of the places in which they will be installed.
We care about the environmental impact at every stage of the life cycle of our products.
From the procurement of raw materials, at each stage of their production, to the packaging used: each process is studied and optimized to safeguard energy and materials.

Safety and automation.

Our automatic warehouse ensures greater safety at work, which acquires more precision and speed, eliminating wasted space and time. The packaging is totally recyclable.

Certifications to go further.

Keeping our word.

This is the purpose of the certifications we have obtained with commitment and resources. Our products are reliable over time, faithful to the promise of durability and safety for which they were created by us and chosen by our customers and end users, in Italy as well as all over the world. All our products are tested according to the European certification standards in OMEC’s ​​internal laboratory. We regularly carry out quality tests on samples of our items in stock.

Behind every OMEC product there is not only safety and quality, there is a company, a family, a team, always available to technicians, professionals and users. 

We make ourselves available to our customers to satisfy every type of security closure need. Through our sales network we reach the best Italian and foreign retailers, who continue to choose Omec quality and durability for their customers.

Alongside the window makers and users, from choice to installation. We provide technical assistance starting from the design phase, to help you to choose the most suitable closing solutions for each profile, right up to installation, to meet every security need.

We never stop updating ourselves to learn about and experience the most innovative materials and the most advanced production systems.
We share know-how and experience with technicians and window fabricators in training meetings at our headquarters or at our dealers.

Always with you.

You and us, value added.

Grow together.

We deeply believe in the value of collaboration and teamwork, of which our customers, our collaborators and our suppliers are an integral part. With them we exchange and share knowledge and experiences, to continue improving and accepting new challenges, every day. since 1954.

The territory  is part of us.

Our origins, our values.

We have the burden and the honor to carry on a dream born almost 70 years ago in a small mechanical workshop in the heart of Val Trompia, which over the years has transformed into an increasingly ambitious business project: to bring creativity and Brescia mechanical ability on doors all over the world, always remaining faithful to our origins and our values. Creativity and passion for well-made products have accompanied our work over the years and have allowed us to grow and expand our range of locks and safety accessories.