Our values


It has always been the heart of our job: security and safety are peculiar and fundamental values for us, beginning with the respect of the most severe standard on production processes in order to provide a safe, clean and comfortable working environment.


More than a team, a family.

Omec was born as a family Company and has always been like that. It is strictly linked to the territory where it was founded more than 65 years ago.
During all these years many people, many families of Lumezzane have been working here, united by a long-term friendship and attachment for the city and the company.  The importance of this relationship is priceless: it allows us to cooperate every day for the same goals with commitment and passion.


Our product must be reliable in time, they have to maintain the promise of durability and security for which they’ve been chosen by our customers.

The reliability of our products has its roots on the reliability of the Company itself, always recognized and prized by both customers and suppliers, involved in a long-term business relationship based on mutual respect and trust.


Respect of people, respect of environment, respect of the agreements. 

Respect has always been the core of our job: relationships with our partners, suppliers and customers are based on it.