CYLINDERS Certification EN 1303:2015

Alll our products are designed and tested according to the strictest security European standards. 

Oval cylinders series 140 L
and euro-profile cylinders series 120 L e 2120 L
obtained the certification EN 1303:2015
reaching the highest level in CORROSION RESISTANCE and TEMPERATURE
and the highest DURABILITY level. 

The new cylinders have high resistance aluminium body, made even stronger thanks to a ceramic patented threatment.

The cylinders’ body made of special aluminium alloy and the internal components made of stainless steel make the cylinders more resistant to corrosion and use. 

This new finishing is not only STRONGER, but also GREENER: it’s safer for the environment and for the people as it is nickel-free.

Like all our products, the cylinders are designed, made and tested in our factory in Lumezzane, Brescia.

The whole production process is based on the best and most sofisticated technologies. The working cycle and assembly are totally automatized to respect our strict costructions standards. We test 100% of our products to guarantee the mechanical and aesthetical quality of each cylinder.

Product certification CYLINDERS series 140 L Product certification CYLINDERS series 120 L Product certification CYLINDERS series 2120 L