New locks with gear mechanism movements

Slim 15 mm lockcase, advancing dead bolt, silent latch bolt and new patented gear mechanism system: these are the main features of new Omec security locks.

Soon available in different versions: central lock series 1600S, 3 point locks series 1610S and multipoint locks series 1700S.

Brand new version: 1740S, the multipoint locks with hook bolt and piston additional locking points, with saw-resistant reinforcement, to get an even higher security.

Like all Omec locks, even on these new ones we chose top quality materials: faceplates, internal components and springs, all made of STAINLESS STEEL to get a higher corrosion resistance (tested 240 h) and a better looking and durability.

Brochure vertical security locks with gear mechanism movements series 1600S – 1700S