New stainless steel striking plates and electric strikes

Our striking plates series 0**74X and 0**76X (specific for locks with advancing dead bolts) will be replaced by the new striking plates series 0**44X and 0**46X.

The new striking plates are suitable for both advancing dead bolt locks and tipping dead bolts of locks with 15 mm lockcase, with the benefit of using only one series of striking plates for both type of locks.

Like the previous versions, the new striking plates are adjustable , made of stainless steel and suitable for all type of profiles:

  • 02574 X and 02576 X replaced by 02544 X and 02546 X = striking plates for flat profiles
  • 02374 X and 02376 X replaced by 02344 X and 02346 X =adjustable striking plates for Euro Grove profiles- window series
  • 02674X and 02676X replaced by 02644X and 02646X = adjustable striking plates for Euro Grove profiles- door series
  • 02874X and 02876 X replaced by 02844X and 02846 X = adjustable striking plates for R40-R50
  • 03074X and 03076 X replaced by 03044X and 03046 X = adjustable striking plates for P4 Sormonto

The same is for all our electric striking plates series 0**76XEL** that will be replaced by electric striking plates series 0**46XEL**

Application of stainless steel adjustable striking plates